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Whello - Employer Branding

Campaign Strategy & Production

Background: Whello, an advertising agency, aimed to elevate its employer brand by showcasing the creativity and enthusiasm of its team, setting itself apart in a competitive industry.


  • Highlight the team's creativity and passion for the brand.
  • Showcase the agency’s dynamic and innovative work environment.
  • Attract like-minded creative professionals.


  • Creative Showcase: Developed a storyline focused on the team's creative processes, highlighting their enthusiasm and dedication to their work.
  • Visual Production: Used engaging visuals and team interviews to vividly depict the team’s creativity and the vibrant office culture.
  • Targeted Distribution: Leveraged social media and the company’s website, emphasizing the video’s message to attract potential employees.

Results: The employer branding video effectively showcased Whello's creative and enthusiastic team, enhancing its appeal as a desirable workplace for creative talents and reinforcing its reputation as a leading creative agency.