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Walmart Global Tech

Senior Technical Producer

Overview: For a groundbreaking online event hosted by Walmart Global Tech, our team was tasked with creating a promotional film and managing the backend production. The event aimed to showcase Walmart Global Tech's innovative initiatives, with a special focus on converge.


  • Engaging Promo Film Creation: To develop a promotional film that captures the essence of the event, emphasizing Walmart Global Tech's technological advancements and initiatives.
  • Seamless Backend Production Management: To ensure the online event's technical execution is flawless, providing a smooth and engaging experience for participants.

Contributions and Execution:

  • Promo Film Creation and Visual Effects: I led the conceptualization and production of the promotional film, with a specific focus on creating and integrating all visual effects. My role involved developing visually compelling narratives that highlight the innovation and impact of Walmart Global Tech's initiatives.
  • The visual effects were meticulously crafted to illustrate complex technological concepts in an accessible and engaging manner, enhancing the film's overall impact and viewer comprehension

    Backend Production Management:
  • Our team coordinated closely with Walmart Global Tech to manage the event's technical aspects, ensuring content was delivered seamlessly and interactively to a global audience.
  • We utilized advanced streaming technologies and implemented interactive features to foster a dynamic participant experience.


  • The promotional film, enriched with high-quality visual effects, significantly contributed to building anticipation for the event, resulting in increased engagement and registrations.
  • Feedback from participants highlighted the exceptional production quality and the effectiveness of the visual storytelling in conveying the event's key messages.

Conclusion: This project underscored the critical role of specialized visual effects and strategic content creation in elevating the impact of online events. My contribution to the visual effects not only enhanced the promotional film's appeal but also played a vital role in the successful execution and reception of Walmart Global Tech's online event, further establishing our expertise in multimedia production and event management.