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Sunburn Music Festival

Event Content Producer

Responsibilities: Lead the conceptualization and execution of multimedia content, integrate innovative technology such as VR, and develop strategies for audience engagement.

: Sunburn Festival, Asia's premier electronic dance music festival, faced the unique challenge of staffing shortages while aiming to expand its immersive experience and audience engagement. Pic n Flick, known for its expertise in high-event productions, collaborated with Sunburn Festival to fill this gap. As an associate producer, I leveraged my experience in multimedia content creation and innovative storytelling to enhance the festival's allure and engagement, ensuring a memorable experience for attendees.


  • Conceptualization and Creative Vision: I spearheaded the conceptualization and delivery of a creative vision focused on visual effects and storytelling, both leading up to and during the festival. This initiative aimed to not just entertain but also create a narrative that attendees could feel connected to, thereby elevating their overall festival experience.
  • Multimedia Content Creation: As the driving force behind multimedia content creation across various platforms, I managed the end-to-end process from concept development to final execution. This included producing promotional films, Instagram reels, and TikTok videos that went viral, significantly enhancing the festival's digital presence and building anticipation.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Integration: I introduced VR areas within the festival venues, offering attendees an innovative and immersive experience. This initiative not only set Sunburn Festival apart from other music festivals but also showcased the potential of VR in enhancing live events, making it a pioneering move in the industry.
  • Audience Engagement Strategy: My comprehensive strategy for audience engagement spanned multiple media channels, including Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, before, during, and after the festival. This approach ensured consistent and engaging content that kept the audience connected and involved throughout the festival journey.

Impact: The collaboration between Pic n Flick and Sunburn Festival led to a significant enhancement in the festival's production quality and audience engagement. The innovative use of VR and a strong narrative through visual effects and multimedia content creation resulted in a deeply engaging and memorable experience for attendees. The festival saw a marked increase in digital engagement, with promotional content achieving viral status and contributing to a larger, more engaged audience both online and on-site.

: The success of this collaboration highlights the importance of storytelling, technological innovation, and strategic content creation in elevating live events like Sunburn Festival. My contributions not only addressed the immediate challenges faced by the festival but also set new standards for audience engagement and immersive experiences in the event industry.