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Lakmé Fashion Week x Multi-Brand Integration

Social Media Content Producer

Responsibilities: Overseeing all stages of video production, from conceptualization to final delivery.

Assigned to produce a compelling video series for Lakmé Fashion Week, this project was designed to highlight the integration of multiple brands, including Magnum Ice Cream, various fashion designers, and Duolingo. The aim was to create content that not only showcased the fashion but also highlighted the diverse partnerships and their unique contributions to the event.


Primary Objective: Develop and deliver a series of engaging videos that capture the essence of Lakmé Fashion Week while emphasizing the synergy between the fashion industry and its brand partners.

Secondary Objective: Utilize social media analytics to optimize content for higher engagement and better showcase the integrated brands in a fashion-centric environment.


Pre-production: Initiated the project by conducting extensive research and planning based on social media trends and analytics to understand the audience’s preferences and the potential impact of different content styles.

Production: Directed and managed the production on-site, capturing high-quality footage of runway shows, behind-the-scenes activities, and interviews with brand representatives. Coordinated effectively with a large team of stakeholders including brand managers from Magnum, designers, and marketing executives from Duolingo to ensure cohesive brand messaging.

Post-production: Led the editing process, creating a series of streamlined, visually appealing videos that were tailored for optimal performance on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

Result: The video series successfully portrayed Lakmé Fashion Week as a pinnacle of fashion innovation and brand collaboration. It garnered extensive engagement across social media platforms, significantly enhancing brand visibility and audience interaction for each partner. The videos served as a testament to how effectively fashion and commercial brands can collaborate, creating a broader narrative that resonated well with viewers.