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ITC Great Expectations

Campaign Strategy & Producer

Background: ITC Hotels, a pioneer in sustainable luxury in India, launched the ITC Kohenour, marking a significant milestone as the country's first zero carbon emission luxury hotel. This move was part of their broader commitment to Responsible Luxury, focusing on creating luxury experiences that are environmentally sustainable and socially responsible.

Objectives: The objective of the "Great Expectations - What Our Future Wants From Us" campaign was to underscore the importance of sustainability through the lens of the younger generation's expectations. The goals were to:

  • Highlight the ITC Kohenour's leadership in sustainable luxury hospitality.
  • Shift the conversation around sustainability from corporate responsibility to personal action.
  • Engage a broad audience by connecting on an emotional level, emphasizing the impact of daily actions on future generations.
  • Drive digital viewership and foster a deeper understanding and commitment to sustainability among the audience.

Strategy & Implementation: The campaign creatively juxtaposed the mundane expectations parents have of their children with the profound expectations children have of their parents regarding environmental responsibility. By featuring real families, the campaign delivered an authentic and relatable message, emphasizing that sustainability begins with individual actions at home.

The strategy involved releasing a 50-second launch film on digital platforms, particularly YouTube, to reach a tech-savvy and environmentally-conscious demographic. The film effectively communicated the message that while parents focus on small behavioral expectations from their children, children are looking up to their parents for much more significant actions related to environmental conservation.

Results: The "Great Expectations - What Our Future Wants From Us" campaign resonated deeply with viewers, amassing over 2.2 million views on YouTube. This exceptional viewership highlighted the campaign's success in engaging the audience with its innovative approach to discussing sustainability. It not only amplified the conversation around responsible luxury and environmental stewardship but also positioned ITC Kohenour as a leader in sustainable hospitality, demonstrating the potential of luxury to drive positive change.