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HSBC Wealth Management

Content Strategy & Film Producer

Background: HSBC is a leading global financial services institution that offers a wide array of investment and wealth management solutions. The campaign's goal was to educate existing and potential clients about HSBC’s newly enhanced mobile capabilities, which allow users to manage their investments smartly and efficiently directly from their phones.

Overview: As a Content Strategy Consultant, my role expanded to not only developing the content strategy but also creating, collecting, and producing digital assets, writing copy, and scouting voice talent to effectively communicate the benefits of HSBC's mobile wealth management services.


  • Promote HSBC’s Mobile Investment Capabilities: Highlight the new features of the mobile app, including the ability to open wealth management plans, manage portfolios, invest in mutual funds, and purchase insurance plans, all on the go.
  • Educate Clients on Smart Investment Decisions: Demonstrate how the app can aid in making informed, convenient, and smart investment decisions through user-friendly digital tools.
  • Drive Digital Engagement and Adoption: Encourage clients to download and use the HSBC mobile app for their investment and wealth management needs.

Contributions and Execution:

  • Strategy Development: I developed a content strategy that focused on showcasing the mobile app's comprehensive functionalities, emphasizing the ease of managing investments digitally.
  • Copywriting and Content Creation: Wrote compelling copy and created engaging content that outlined the app’s features, benefits, and user interface, making investment processes transparent and accessible.
  • Asset Collection and Production: Managed the entire production process from scratch, collecting and producing all necessary digital assets to ensure a coherent and appealing presentation.
  • Talent Scouting for Voiceover: Scouted and selected voice talent to deliver the campaign's message effectively, enhancing the overall impact and clarity of the communication.
  • Cross-Platform Distribution: Ensured the content was optimized for distribution across various digital platforms, including social media, the HSBC website, and email newsletters, maximizing reach and engagement.

Results: The campaign successfully introduced and highlighted the new digital functionalities of the HSBC mobile app, leading to increased app downloads and user engagement. Clients reported a higher satisfaction level with the mobile platform, appreciating the convenience and control over their investment decisions. The clear, informative content helped demystify complex investment processes, leading to greater digital adoption and client confidence in managing their wealth via the HSBC app.