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Formula E x Mahindra Race Team

Lead Content Producer

Responsibilities: Conceptualization, direction, and production of video content.

Background: As part of a dynamic collaboration with the Mahindra Race Team, the project aimed to create engaging video campaigns for the Formula E racing season. The focus was on two major films: a high-energy trailer introducing the team and the season, and a socially impactful "Dance for Good" video shot in London, highlighting the team's commitment to social causes.


Primary Objective: Develop compelling video content that would elevate the Mahindra team's profile ahead of the race season and engage a global audience.

Secondary Objective: Leverage social media trends and analytics to optimize viewer engagement and convey the team's dedication to broader social issues through the "Dance for Good" initiative.


Pre-production: Led a thorough planning phase that utilized social media analytics to tailor content for maximum impact. Collaborated closely with a diverse team including the head of creative, line producers, and racers to align the creative vision with the team’s brand and objectives.

Production: Managed on-site filming, ensuring high production values while capturing the essence of the race and the energy of the team. Navigated logistical challenges and coordinated between various stakeholders to maintain project alignment and quality.

Post-production: Oversaw the editing process to craft narratives that resonated with the audience, integrating feedback from the creative team to refine the final output.

Result: The trailer and the "Dance for Good" video were highly successful in boosting the Mahindra team's visibility and engagement across multiple platforms, particularly on social media where the content was tailored to trends and analytics. The videos not only enhanced the team’s competitive spirit but also showcased their commitment to social causes, resulting in increased fan base and positive media coverage.