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Coca-Cola x Food Fest

Lead Producer and Editor

Responsibilities: Overall project management, video shooting, editing, and production.

Background: Tasked with creating engaging video content for Coca-Cola during the Delhi Food Festival, this project involved producing a series of vibrant short videos for distribution across multiple social media platforms including Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok.


  • Primary Objective: Produce dynamic and engaging short videos that highlight Coca-Cola’s integration with the culturally rich atmosphere of the Delhi Food Festival.
  • Secondary Objective: Leverage these videos to enhance Coca-Cola’s visibility and engagement on social media platforms, resonating with a diverse audience.


  • Pre-production: Engaged in detailed planning, utilizing social media analytics to guide the creative direction and ensure content was tailored to the preferences of different platforms' audiences.
  • Production: Managed the complete production process on-site, capturing iconic spots in New Delhi, popular restaurants, and interactions with influencers to showcase Coca-Cola as an integral part of Delhi's food culture. Collaborated with a wide array of stakeholders, including influencers, Coca-Cola’s marketing team, and festival organizers, to ensure the content aligned with Coca-Cola’s brand messaging and festival themes.
  • Post-production: Edited the captured footage into a series of short, teaser-like videos, each crafted to highlight the festive integration of Coca-Cola and the joy of Delhi’s food scene.

Result: The videos were released as teasers on Coca-Cola’s official social media accounts, each garnering millions of views and significantly boosting social media engagement. The project not only enhanced Coca-Cola’s brand presence but also depicted it as a vibrant part of New Delhi’s cultural fabric, driving a deeper connection with the audience and creating a substantial impact on brand perception.